President Ford's Remarks Upon Signing A Bill Restoring Rights of Citizenship to Robert E. Lee

Basic Readings in U.S. Democracy - Maya Angelou

Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln

The Appomattox Campaign - April, 1865  -Grant & Lee's Correspondence, Articles & Reports

Speeches of Abraham Lincoln

President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address - November, 1863

Jefferson Davis - Inaugural Address

Furman University- 19th Century Documents Project

The Kansas-Nebraska Bill 1854 - Furman University Secession Era Editorials Project

The Dred Scott Case 1857 - Furman University Secession Era Editorials Project

U.S. Supreme Court's Decision on the Dred Scott Case - 1857

The American Anti-Slavery Society Declaration of Sentiments - 1833

Henry David Thoreau, "Civil Disobedience" - 1846

A Chronology of U.S. Historical Documents - University of Oklahoma College of Law

Constitution of the Confederate States - University of Oklahoma College of Law

Speeches and Letters of Abraham Lincoln

Declaration of Causes for South Carolina Seceding from the Union

Abraham Lincoln's "House Divided" Speech - June, 1858

John Brown's Final Address to the Court - Charlestown, Va. November 2, 1859

Charleston Mercury Article "The Terrors of Submission" - October 11, 1860

Pennsylvania Resolution on Secession - December 20, 1860

President Elect Lincoln's Letter to Alexander Stephens - December 22, 1860

Alexander Stephen's Reply to President Elect Lincoln - December 30, 1860

President Lincoln's First Inaugural Address - March 4, 1861

President Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address - March 4, 1865

Virginia Ordinance of Secession - April 17, 1861 (Also All 13 States Secession Ordinances)

Alexander Stephen's Speech to the Virginia Secession Convention - April 23, 1861

Emancipation Proclamation 1864 - University of Oklahoma College of Law

Other Political Speeches and Commentary

Chronology of Secession Crisis

Civil War Era Editorial Commentary

Sullivan Ballou's Letter to His Wife - 1861 Just Prior to Battle of 1st Manassas

The Secession Commissioners - Speeches

Party Platforms and Secession Documents

State and Local Resolutions and Documents on Secession

Virginia Governor John Letcher's Compromise & Conditions for Settlement - January 1861


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