49th Va Cedar Creek

Our objective is to portray the average Confederate Infantry Company in the Army of Northern Virginia as depicted in the picture above.  Outfitting the soldier's impression can be as simple or as involved as you would like. The list provided below is offered as a guide to help you select the various items of your uniform. The basic element of the uniform is the gray shell jacket with a seven or nine button front. The infantry jacket has no color trim on cuff or collar. Military style pants are typically used, however, there is sufficient documentation to show a number of soldiers wearing a mix of civilian and military clothing. All clothing items must be made from the same type of natural fabrics used during the period, as further detailed in the list below. Leather goods are primarily black, although brown is acceptable. If you wear eyeglasses, you must use period glasses or contact lenses. While all of this may seem a little confusing, don't worry. We'll help you out.

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Shell Jacket -- Wool, 7 or 9 button front with no color trim on cuffs or collar. ($79-$94)

Trousers -- Wool, button fly, pewter or bone buttons; gray or brown. ($79-$99)

Shirt -- Any period style such as calico print, checkered, white muslin, etc..; bone, pewter, wood buttons. ($35-$40)

Suspenders -- Cotton duck, leather or pillow ticking. ($15-$20)

Socks -- Wool, natural or gray ($8-$10)

Brogans -- Civil War shoes ($85-$99)

Hat -- Kepi, forage cap or civilian style ($39-$49)

Slouch Hat, Civilian -- Felt Fur; {not all slouch hats are period} ($40-$65)

Period glasses -- (if needed) $25-$50 plus cost of prescription lenses

Vest -- (optional) Military or civilian pattern ($49-$69)

Poncho -- Gum Blanket ($45-$55)

Great coat -- (optional) Gray, blue or civilian ($180-$210)

Haversack -- Tarred Federal Style or White Cotton ($25-$45)

Canteen -- Tin bulls eye or smooth side ($49-$59)

Cartridge box -- US M1855, 58 cal. or CS variation ,also Enfield box ($55-65)

Cartridge box sling -- Black (preferred) or brown ($15-$25)

Waste Belt -- Black (preferred) or brown ($20-25)

Belt Buckle -- Rectangular, Virginia state seal ($25-$35)

Cap box -- US M1855 or CS pattern ($25-$35)

Scabbard and frog -- Enfield or Springfield, US or CS variation ($39-$49)

Tin cup -- Heavy grade ($15-$25)

Bed roll -- Wool blankets or period quilts ($35-$50)

3-Band Muskets -- 1853 Enfield or 1861-63 Springfield rifled musket. The Enfield is preferred, although the US Springfield was used by both armies. ($535-$595)

Rifle sling -- Brown or black leather ($18-$25)

Triangular Bayonet -- Enfield or M1855 Springfield socket bayonet ($30-$35)

Pistols -- Only commissioned & non-commissioned officers carry pistols

Dog Tent -- Shelter half or Dog style ($30-$40/half or $60-$80 for both halves)

"A" Tent -- "A" or Wedge style tent ($135-$150)

Eating and cooking utensils -- period style only 

Plates -- Tin, pewter or wood bowl

Housewife -- Holds Needles, buttons, thread, etc... ($8-$15)

Drum, Field Music -- Civil War style only ($425-$475)


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